Saturday 2 June 2012

Free pack of plug-ins/presets that have been removed from Photoshop CS5

Some plug-ins and presets have been removed in Photoshop. If you still want to install and use these presets and plug-ins, you can download the Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins package and install.

The following plug-ins and associated files are included in this package:
. Photoshop CS5 Optional plugins ReadMe
. Picture Package (ContactSheetII)
. ExtractPlus (Windows-only)
. PatternMaker
. PhotomergeUI
. Web Photo Gallery (WebContactSheetII) plus presets
. Script for Layer Comps to Web Photo Gallery
. Texture presets for Texturizer

Additional file formats:
. Alias
. ElectricImage
. SoftImage

Additional extensions (Mac only):
. DisableGetInfoComment
. DisableScratchCompress
. DisableVMBuffering
. Force VM Compression
. Force VM Buffering
. RememberSlowFiles
. Unlimited Clipboard Size
. Unlimited Preview Size

Additional plugins:
. Overscroll Always (Mac only)
. Overscroll Floating Windows (Mac only)
. DisableDragBoundingBox (Mac only)

To install any of these plug-ins, drop the appropriate file into the //Adobe Photoshop CS5/Plug-ins folder and restart Photoshop

To install the Optional Extension plug-ins, quit Photoshop and copy the appropriate files into the Adobe Photoshop/Plug-Ins/Extensions folder and then restart Photoshop.

1. Web Photo Galleries is not supported on Mac 64-bit systems. Please launch Photoshop in 32-bit on Macintosh systems to enable functionality.
2. ExtractPlus does not work on Mac 32-bit or 64-bit systems
3. Do not use the TWAIN plug-in from Photoshop CS4 downloads. You must install the Photoshop CS5 version of TWAIN plug-in for Photoshop CS5.

Download Here

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