Saturday 31 March 2012

Properties panel

A new Properties panel now houses both adjustment layer (shown below) and mask properties. This new panel can be resized by dragging its bottom right edge.

Clicking on a New Adjustment Layer icon in the Adjustments panel (left) automatically populates the Properties panel (right) with the relevant adjustment layer.

Video support

In CS6, the image adjustment tools used for still images are all available for use with video files.
With CS6, Photoshop's support for video files has been considerably expanded. You can add and mute audio tracks, create transitions and fades, use the Text tool and perform all of the standard Photoshop edits on a video file. File format support for both importing and exporting video is handled by Adobe Media Encoder, the same engine behind Adobe Premiere, the company's flagship video editing program. And unlike in CS5, where video support is limited to Photoshop Extended, all of this capability will be available in both versions of Photoshop CS6.

Oil Paint filter

A new Oil Paint filter allows you to quickly apply a painterly effect to a photographic image. The filter opens in a separate full size window. Brush and Lighting parameters can be adjusted with a real-time preview of their effects. You can access the tool by going to Filter>Oil Paint filter.